Electromagnetic Compatibility Training, Equipment, Systems & Services

  Training and consulting in EMC / Regulatory Strategy, Test Procedures and Test Reports. EMC testing systems and formal training in their use. [ARC flyer]
  EMC equipment for electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical fast transient/burst (EFT), lightning Surge, magnetic fields (MF), and Power Line Quality.

Kimmel Gerke
Consultants in EMC for electrical & electronic products and facilities, training in EMC, Emissions, ESD mitigation, and Power Quality mitigation.
  AC Power Sources and Harmonics / Flicker Analyzers, Emissions & Immunity Systems, LISNs, antennas, absorbing clamp, EMC accessories, emissions reference source, power amplifiers, LaPlaCells

Established in 1988, Liberty Labs, Inc. is a privately held company operating across the United States and in selected global markets. The company is an A2LA accredited calibration laboratory providing a full range of NIST traceable calibration services.

Design and manufacturing of filters for reducing noise on power and ground lines in real-life installations. These include specialized filters for AC single-phase, AC three-phase, DC and ground filtering applications.
  For 50 years, SPS has been a leading manufacturer of fully compliant testing solutions for photovoltaic test systems, automotive and avionics test systems, current and voltage sources and EMC testing systems.
  Comb Generator emitters, Comparison Noise emitters, Active Receiving Antenna, Harmonic/Flicker source, Cable Coupling Clamp for IEC 96-1

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